June 07, 2011

P.S. Stay, don't leave.

Dear you,

I know maybe it's too soon to say I love you so much. I know maybe I don't even know you so well :( I know I'm not good. Not even close to be a girl that you wish you had :( I'm selfish, spoiled, easly jealous, labile and emotional. I can't make you laugh freely just like when you're around your friends. I can't make you smile :( I'm ugly, not pretty like your girl friends. I can't do make up. I'm not fashionable. I'm sorry I act like a little girl and so annoying :"( I'm sorry I'm not independent. I'm sorry I always talk actively about useless things and that makes me regret in the end for wasting our-golden-times :( I'm sorry I make you bored for being around me :( I'm sorry I can be so fearful and jealous when you're getting closer with another girl who has everything I don't have and looks match with you ;( </3 I'm sorry sometimes I can't understand your full-schedule-activities and get mad because I'm so missing you but you still don't get it :""( I'm sorry I'm too excessive loving you and I wish you would never change your mind for loving me back. I'm sorry for all those suck things I did :( I don't wanna be your past and don't wanna let you being my past. I know maybe we can't be last just like another couple. But I still wish we can make it through years and happily ever after. Who knows? But, never mind, I just wanna keep you and hold you tight now, while we still have times, while you're still mine :') <3

PS : Stay, don't leave.

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